Deposit Bonuses

Deposit Bonuses work very simple. One will generally encounter this type of bonuses very quickly and easily benefit from them. The bonus shall take effect when a particular deposit is made. Depending on the Net Entertainment casino where you play and the amount you pay a bonus is paid. The bonuses usually amount to 100% of the deposited amount, so half of time you will virtually playing for free and try new games.

Deposit Bonuses: How They Work

When players make a deposit a bonus will be paid. These bonuses are ready to use, so you can play with them immediately. It is however not possible to directly cash them out. To be able to cash the bonuses out you have to play a set number of games. when this certain number of games is played, one could have won a lot of money with the bonus and will be able to cash out the bonus.

Reward Bonuses

Reward Bonuses give regular players the opportunity to win a lot of extra money. These bonuses are therefore mainly for regular players, to offer them extra chances of winning. The Net Entertainment Casino thus shows loyal players very clearly that they appreciate them. It is for this reason very interesting to regularly return to the casino and have even more chance at great prizes. The reward bonuses are in contrast to the first deposit bonuses primarily meant for players that want to have a chance at profit more often.

Reward Bonuses: How They Work

When players have played a certain number of games, the reward bonuses will be activated. Then the bonuses will ensure that a certain amount of money will become available which can be used to bet on various games.

Login Bonuses

A Login bonus can easily make money. It is one of the bonuses which do not need an immediate deposit, so basically all players can benefit. When one logs in to one of the casinos that use the Net Entertainment software, this will be recognized and the login bonus will be activated. this way, the bonuses enable you to try a game for free. Naturally, one still has the chance to win nice prizes.

Login Bonuses: How They Work

A login bonus works fairly simple and it is very easy to take advantage of. So it is not necessary to make a deposit, but you basically need only visit the website of the online casino. These bonuses will be activated when you visit the appropriate page.

Free Spins

Free Spins are very popular amongst players who often visit an online casino. It is not only very interesting in the light of these bonuses giving you free play, but you also have the chance to easily win large sums of money. The free spins can for that reason be considered as bonuses that make it very attractive to play at an online casino. In the various Net Entertainment casinos one can has a fair chance at free spins and thus an nice chance to quickly make some extra money.

Free Spins: How They Work

The free spins are bonuses that do not require any special actions. By playing different games one can earn them and earn a lot of money with them. Players can be entered in a special mode on one of the slots or video slots where the free spins offer extra chances at good prizes. By using free spins the chances are great you will win a nice prize. This makes it very easy to win nice extra bonuses or real prize money at a Net Entertainment casino.