Casino Euro

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The Casino Euro once was part of Net Entertainment, but now it runs independently. The influence of the software developer is, however, still reflected in the way the various components are designed. Euro casino is overall very neatly designed.

Casino Euro: Bonuses

The Casino Euro is very generous in terms of bonuses and this is for many players a good reason to play here. At the Casino Euro is it possible to use a welcome bonus, but players can also benefit from a bonus that will be made available every month. Thus, with every new deposit one can receive up to €30, based on a 30% bonus over the deposit.

Casino Euro: Deposit Bonus

At the Casino Euro it is possible to get a welcome bonus of 100%, with a maximum of € 100. This simply means that an initial deposit will be doubled so that players will play free half of the time. So it is possible at Euro Casino to get to know the different games developed by Net Entertainment. That way, it is possible to develop a particular technique or simply to get some experience with the games. Playing with you own money will earn you more money that way.

casino euro: Games

Casino Euro offers a wide variety of games. It is thus possible for example to take place at the roulette or blackjack table. Obviously this is played against an automated dealer, making it possible to get an own table allocated. In euro casino it is also possible to play a wide variety of video slots and slots. There are new variants added when Christmas or another major event is coming on, so there is an additional reason to play the games.

Casino Euro: Game Design

The design of the various games of Casino Euro is still done by Net Entertainment. This means that the games look great, and that the games are very easy to master. this allows players to benefit from an easy to play game, while it has a beautiful design and gives a good chance to great prizes. The design of the games will contribute to the joy of gaming that one will experience.

Casino Euro: Depositing Money

At Casino Euro is very easy to deposit money. One can make use of a great number of payment options at Euro Casino. It is possible to pay by Moneybookers, Paysafecard, Neteller, or credit card. One can deposit money in the way you want and one will generally know very well how this should be done.

Euro Casino: Customer Service

Even if it is not entirely clear how money can be deposited, there is no problem. At Casino Euro it is possible to use a very professional and helpful customer service. For example, players can choose to chat with an employee and thus ask a question, but is is also possible to send an email that will be responded within a very short time. That way, players can ask Casino Euro all their questions and it will soon become clear how to safely depositing money.

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