Mister Green

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Mr. Green is known as a casino that is very open and honest. This applies not only to the games, but also for the people behind the casino. At the website it is honestly reported who the owners are, so we know who we are dealing with. that way Mister Green ensures open play, ensuring the online casinos will have a better name. they are very aware of the fact that online casinos do not have a good name and that it is wise to to work on this in all possible ways.

Mistergreen: Bonuses

Right from the start you can enjoy an attractive bonus at Mister Green. But this is only the beginning, because there are often other actions allowing for more free games. With a bonus you can choose to play games you do not know that well or do not have that much experience with at Mister Green. In this way it is possible to discover new games that may net you a lot of money; bringing more variation to your game an enjoy the games for a longer period of time.

Mister Green: Deposit Bonus

Of course it is possible to receive a nice welcome bonus at Mister Green. Like a number of other casinos that use the games of Net Entertainment, this Net Entertainment Casino offers the possibility of doubling the initial deposit, with a high maximum amount. With a maximum of €250, this ensures players will have their bed made at Mister Green. From the beginning it is possible to try the various games and get some experience.

Mister Green: Games

The games you can play at Mister Green are very diverse. In all games, they use the services of Net Entertainment, which in any case always look great. This also means that games such as table games, but also the scratch tickets, can all be played in your browser. So, you do not have to download and install software at Mister Green. Players can easily benefit from the opportunities of the games and play them always and everywhere.

Mister Green: Honest

The Mister Green Casino ensures that the games are very honest in design. Thus one has a fair chance to win a great prize and the players will be happy to come back. For this reason that Mr. Green decided to make use of the Net Entertainment games. This developer is among the various players of online casinos very well known, and this is mainly due to the way games are developed, fairly and with great visual splendor.

Mister Green: Payment Methods

Mister green offers a number of ways to deposit money. One can make use of a credit card, but one can also opt for Wire Transfer or Neteller. These payment methods ensure the reliability of Mister Green. The different methods are particularly familiar to players of online casino games and are also set up in a very safe way, so generally one will experience no problems with depositing money into this casino.

Mister green; Costumer Service

When things are still not clear at Mister green, there is still no problem. In this case it possible to use an online form. The staff of the online casino will then analyze the situation and within 24 hours then contact the player. This means that it is not possible to directly come in contact with the casino, but that way the skilled employees have the time to think about an appropriate solution that will arive the next day.

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