Scratch Cards

netentertainment scratchcards
Scratch cards have been popular for years with people who like to have a chance at nice prizes. Net Entertainment Casinos now offer online scratch tickets, so players do not have to leave their home anymore. The beauty of Net Entertainment Casino scratch cards is that they work very simpel and it thus is not necessary to have any experience with other casino games to play them. Becauce the Net Entertainment Casino scratch cards work that simpel, it is very easy to win lots of money, by using the tickets as a substitute for other casino games. Like all other Net Entertainment Casino games, the scratch cards are designed by professional designers and thus are great to look at. So, it is no surprise that lots of people play thse scratch cards at the Net Entertainment Casinos.

Scratch Cards: Triple Wins

Triple wins is one of the scratch cards that is most popular at the Net Entertainment Casinos. This partly because the costs are low. You can buy a ticket for only €0.50, and have a chance at a nice price. For that money you have three chances at a prize, so the chance is big that you will win. Half of the times players of Net Entertainment Casinos win on average with these tickets.

Scratch Cards: Lucky Double

The Lucky Double scratch cards give bigger pizes and offer more chance to win. You can win over €100,000 with these scratch cards. In this Net Entertainment Casino game you do not have to learn any strategies or tactics that may be difficult to learn because one simpel scratch is enough. Besides, it is nice to have two chances at a prize and maybe win some money with these scratch cards.

Scratch Cards: Ace

The Ace scratch ticket is availabke for the price of €2. This means that for only two euros, you have the chance to win big. It is a one time chance at a prize, but you can of course choose to by more than one scratch card at a Net Entertainment Casino. That way you can scratch more of these beautifully designed scratch cards. When you win a nice prize with Ace, your investments will not have been in vain.

Scratch Cards: The Lost Pyramid

Players that choose for the Casino The Lost Pyramid scratch card at a Net Entertainment Casino can choose which amount they want to bet. It is possible to play for €0,10, and thus have only a small risk. On the other hand, one can choose to bet €2, ensuring the chance at an even bigger price. The maximum amount you can win with this scratch card is €100,000. The Lost Pyramid is interesting for a large group of players, experienced or not.

Scratch cards: Treasure Hunt

Finally, Treasure Hunt is one of the Net Entertainment Casino scratch cards that gives the player a lot of freedom. You can decide for yourself what amount to bet. it is possible to bet €0.10, but players can also choose to bet up to €10, and have the chance to win €100,000. This scratch card also has a bonus game that may net you some extra profit.