Video Poker

netentertainment videopoker
Video poker is actually a combination of the regular poker game and a video slot. At a Net Entertainment Casino it is possible to play various variations of the game and have a chance at a nice prize. The nice part of video poker is that is played according to the rules of poker while it is much quicker to play. that way the players of Net Entertainment Casinos can have a good chance at some profit.

Video poker: All American

All American is a video poker game that allows you to start very simple. It is a game that can be played for very small amounts, also when wants to play multiple hands. In addition, the Net Entertainment Casinos have assured that the game has a great design. So you can play video poker for hours and maybe win lots of money. The biggest prize you can win with this game is €100.000, so it may be interesting to learn some more about this game.

Video Poker: Bets

To have a chance at a nice price playing video poker at one of the Net Entertainment Casinos one can choose between different bets. You have influence on the amount that will be bet and thus also on the amount that may be paid out. The bets are especially interesting at the video poker games of the Net Entertainment Casinos. Yoy can begin betting with €0.10 which is quite cheap and this way you can reduce the risk you will take when playing.

Video Poker: Jacks or Better

Generally, Jacks or Better is very well known amongst the players of video poker. This is partly because a lot of money can be made by playing this game. Certainly when one has some more experience playing at one of the Net Entertainment Casinos, one has a good chance to win big. But the game is very simple, you need to make a card comination that is as high as possible, preferably jacks or better, hence the name.

Video Poker: Maximum Profit

You dot not vave to start playing for big money when you play video poker at one of the Net Entertainment Casinos. But it is possible to quickly earn a lot of money. By betting a few euros, players have a chance to win more than €200,000. Such a prize of course does not occur very often at the Net Entertainment Casinos, but when you win it, it will make your life lot easier no doubt.

Video Poker: Deuces Wild

The goal of deuces wild is to make as much pairs as possible. This video poker game is fairly simple, just like most other games at Net Entertainment Casinos. So it is not necessary to have a lot of experience or to know all the possibilities. Players will quickly learn the video poker game of the Net Entertainment Casino and have a chance to win big prizes. Bets are possible from €0.10; with bigger bets you can even win more than €100,000.

Video Poker: Joker Wild

Joker Wild offers good chances at a nice profit. This is because the joker can be used during the video poker game of the Net Entertainment Casino to get a good prize. You can get a shot at one of the wondurful prizes for only €0.10. Of course you can bet a larger amount, up to €125, to have a chance at the grand prize of €100,000. That way video poker could be a fairly risk free method to win a great prize.