Video Slots

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From the beginning, video slots have been very popular with a large group of playares at Net Entertainment casinos. This is because the games give you a chance to large prizes, but also because they are designed in a beautiful way. All Net entertainment video slots are designed by the best designers. So many players anjoy playing them and having a chance at a nice prize. In any case it is a joy playing at a Net Entertainment casino, and the video slots can be a nice variation after playing some of the various table games. That way playing at a Net Entertainment casino will remain fun for a very long time. One can make a lot of money and have lot of fun at the same time, playing these games.

Video Slots: Spellcast

One of the most popular Net Entertainment casino video slot is Spellcast. Everyone who has ever played a slot machine will know how this slot looks and ths recognizes it. It is possible to place bets between €0.02 and €40, so it is not necessary to take a lot of risk. when placing the largest bet, one can win over €70.000, so it may be attractive to try this slot. it is not strange players keep returning to this slot.

Video Slots: Tales of Krakow

Tales of Krakow is another very popular Net Entertainment casino video slot. This is partly due to the fact that you can play this slot for a small bet. You do not have to pay €1 at once but can choose to only bet €0.10 every time. So you can get to know Tales of Krakow before playing for big stakes and big profit.

Video Slots: Mystery Mansion

Mystery Mansion not only gives you the chance to win a lot of money, but also to play an exciting game. Video Slots always are very exciting, but with the Net entertainment casino video slots you can add to the excitement by choosing a video slot with an exciting theme. With a wager between €0.01 and €50, it is possible to self determine how exciting you want it to make, and determine the risk you want to take.

Video Slots: Fishy Fortune

Fishy fortune is a video slot in which the the game is pretty much pre-determined. So it is not necessary to learn strategies or tactics to determine how much to bet. the game has a minimum bet of €0.50. Of course it is possible to make a bigger bet. The maximum bet is €5 and it is possible to win a couple of thousands of euros when the five rolls and three rows stop spinning.

Video Slots: Crusade of Fortune

Players who want to make a lot of money are adviced to look at the possibilities of Crusade of fortune. The game differs from other slots in the fact that you can bet up to a maximum of €80 per game. That way players can win up to over €100,000, so a new car is not far away. Of course you have the option to place smaller bets at video slots, beginning with €0.01, or begin by playing €1.